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Business class flights tickets to Sao Paulo

Useful information about Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo city

Providing shelter to over 20 million people, Sao Paulo is of the largest cities in South America. It is also a bustling financial and economic power house of country. Each district is like a city full of amazing attractions and entertaining sites to visit. It is a home to 100 theatres, 70 museums and dozens of cultural centers and monuments. It is not possible to see everything in it in one go, so if you are visiting it on a tight schedule then specially designed tours are also available taking you to the most beautiful and important sites of this attractive destination.

Why Go

There are many reasons to visit Sao Paulo but the main among them is to do business as this is one of the global cities and the most important business centers in Latin America. It is a center of urban tourism and is thus decked with various theaters and cultural centers where one can enjoy plenty of drama, musical, comedy and concerts. It is no less than a shopper’s paradise as it has 59 shopping streets and more than 45 shopping malls. So it is hard not to go for shopping when you are here. It has all sorts of culinary delights. From street food to luxurious dining in grand hotels 52 countries are represented in thousands of restaurants. It is a multicultural pot where you can enjoy various cultures because it is a city of immigrants made up of people from all over Brazil and the world.

Best Time to Visit

Sao Paulo experiences warm weather throughout the year making it a great escape any time of the year. The most ideal time to visit it is from June through mid- December when temperature is cool and sky is pretty clear. It is also the time when most of its events take place. The least popular time to visit it is mid-December through February when many locals leave for summer vacations and rain is heavier.

Major Tourist Attractions

There are so many attractions over here which are just a walk away distance from you and which you just love to explore. From cathedrals and museums to seaside escape, it offers some of the best attractions of country.  Do visit Sao Paulo Cathedral which is a neo-gothic masterpiece built in 1967, it is immense and spectacular that can accommodate up to 8,000 visitors. Don’t miss beautiful Ibirapuera Park which is one of the best urban parks in the world. For nightlife fun in the city head to Vila Olimpia Hood which is where all the action takes place between sunset and sunrise. So just pack your bags now and make a plan to enjoy your next holiday trip.

Festivals and Events

The city has a jam-packed calendar of events and festivals that you surely love to be part of. Some amazing festivals and events include Carnival, Fashion Week, Gay Parade, Spirit of London, Sao Vito Festival, Grand Prix of Interlagos, Festival of Electronic Art, Achiropita Festival, International Film Festival etc.