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Business class flights tickets to Argentina

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    LON London Airports 08 Feb 2022
    BUE Buenos Aires 20 Feb 2022
Argentina Business class fares

Useful information about Argentina

major touristic

Argentina a long elongated country in southern part of South America is the eighth-largest nation in the world. Spirited people, passion for football, frantic capital, vast pampas, snowy peaks, rhythmic beats of tango, natural wonder etc makes it one of the spectacular destinations to visit in South America. Its big cities have a lot of urban pleasures to offer but the star attractions that springboard travellers over here is its greatest natural attractions. It has a rich and edgy cultural heritage, part Latin American and part European that you can’t help but surely fall in love.To capture the glimpses of all this and much more, just pack your bags now and grab best discounted deals on business class flights to Argentina with £3760 including all pre-payable taxes and charges and visit a land which is unmatched.

Why Go

South America is a home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations and some great countries. There are many reasons not to miss this beautiful country which is a home of tango, pampas and boasts some of the most dynamic cities and beautiful natural wonders. Buenos Aires is one of the liveliest cities in Latin America and birth place of tango. It has all the modern amenities that you would expect from a world-class city. Soccer is a passion over here and you can easily catch a game at several different stadiums in the city. Those who love wines are likely well aware that it has an enviable reputation as a producer of fine wines. For honeymooners a visit to Bariloche is must which is referred as honeymoon capital has everything from traditional Argentinian cuisine to typical European fare.

Best Time to Visit

The seasons in Argentina are reverse of those in Northern hemisphere. The country of this enormous size has distinct regions and has climates of their own. The time of year to travel will depend largely on the areas you wish to travel. Buenos Aires is hot in summers from November to April and mild in winters. The beaches and resort towns are packed with vacationing Argentines in summers while winter is the best time to visit Iguazú Falls.  Patagonia’s charm is unpredictable and you can explore it during any part of the season.

Major Airports

  • Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airport
  • Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport
  • Resistencia International Airport
  • Rosario Islas Malvinas International Airport
  • Salta Martin Miguel de Guemes International Airport

Major Tourist Attractions

Argentina is not only an enormous country but unique as well that offers everything that a visitor could ask for. There are plenty of attractions that you surely love to enjoy your holidays again and again. Located on the border between Brazil and Argentina at the northern end, Iguazu Falls is a major tourist attraction. It is a fascinating series of waterfalls located at various levels along a mile long stretch of cliffs. While there are number of places to see glaciers in southern Argentina but the best is Los Glaciaers National Park. You can take boat tours or visit them by foot to see these natural wonders and wildlife that inhabit them. There are few places on the planet earth which are isolated and as much beautiful as Patagonia where one can spend countless hours in hiking, driving and sightseeing.  The majestic mountains of Andes tower over the landscape forming the backbone of of this magnificent country.

Festivals and Events

There is no dearth of festivals and events in the country and its wide range of festivals is a perfect way of gaining a better understanding of its culture. Try to schedule your trip during one of these festivals and do indulge in its typical food, drink and traditional music. Some of the most celebrated festivals and events include New Years Day, Gualeguaychu Carnival, Buenos Aires Tango Festival, Tilcara Carnival, Arte Buenos Aires- Contemporary Art Fai, Oktoberfest Argentina, Christmas etc are few among many that you surely enjoy and take part.