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Business class flights tickets to Dar Es Salaam

Useful information about Dar Es Salaam

Dar es Salaam city

Dar Es Salaam is the capital and second largest city of Tanzania. With a population of over three million people it is a bustling, chaotic place which is full of life and color. It is an urban city which still remains down to earth and represents a mixture of African, Indian and Arabic influences as well as close ties to its Swahili roots. Its rugged appeal, picturesque seaport, historic buildings, good wine and food restaurants makes it an entertaining place. It is not only the political and economic hub of country but it is a center of its cultural activities as well. With an increasing interest in Tanzania’s amazing wildlife especially the south and central parks which are comparatively less visited, its importance as a safari gateway continues to rise and makes it a great destination to enjoy a fun-packed holidays. To explore all this and much more we offer matchless deals on business class flights to Dar Es Salaam starting from £ including all pre-payable taxes and charges to explore matchless attractions of city.

Reasons to Visit

Scratch the surface of city and you’ll find it a place rich in diversity and filled with character. The region has many features that may be of interest to historians and tourists. From man-made buildings to natural sites there are plenty of reasons to explore it. It is an excellent gateway to see the East African coast while sailing on the Indian Ocean. Enjoy a visit to Mandazi road which is lined both sides with bars and cafes is a great place to mingle with locals and enjoy the authentic local feel. The area of Indian Ocean is renowned for its picture-perfect tropical coastline which boasts long sandy beaches with crystal clear warm water and white sand. If you are a beach person than you surely don’t pass this paradise!  Besides this the National Museum, Village Museum, Mwenge Carving Market, Tingatinga Arts are other places of interest that you surely love to explore.

Best Time to Visit

Those who are more interested in wildlife safari they just can’t afford to miss the world’s greatest migration around Serengeti National Park. The best wildlife viewing months in the country are during its dry season from late June to October. The southern and western circuit parks are best viewed during its dry season June to October while the most popular northern circuit parks can be visited throughout the year. Tarangire is the only exception, since its wildlife viewing is considerably better in dry-season as well.

Major Tourist Attractions

Founded in 1860s Dar is relatively modern and bustling city with influences of Indian, African and Arabic influences with architectural legacy of Swahili roots. It is a lively place on the rise where you can explore its many attractions and activities. Explore the local market of Kariakoo where you can explore the authentic local flavors of city is indeed a thrilling experience for its visitors. Don’t miss a visit to Askari Monument which is the most well known historical statues of significance in the city. To acquaint with history and culture of country, the best place is National Museum. On strolling down the Temple Road where you’ll find a selection of religious temple, explore few of them and to know about the country’s cultural heritage. Explore Bagamoyo Town, located in the north is influenced by Arabs and Indians to visit its ancient ruins.

Festivals and Events

Dar Es Salaam the capital of Tanzania is affectionately known as Dar, is best visited during the time of its celebration of events and festivals to know it more closely. Some amazing festivals which are celebrated over here include Theatre in Dar Es Salaam, Uhuru Marathon, Swahili Fashion Week, East African Art Biennale, Dar European Film Festival, Race for the Cure, International Trade Fair, Bagamoyo Arts Festival etc that you surely love and enjoy.