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Business class flights tickets to Caracas

Useful information about Caracas


The capital and the largest city of Venezuela, Caracas is located close to the coast of La Guaira Port at the height of 8,000 meter, which provides it a unique climate. It is a frenetic city of splendid architecture, multi-lane highways, beautiful parks and gardens, plenty of nightclubs, elegant restaurants and bars along with vibrant culture and petrodollar wealth which makes it like any modern capital.  Caracas is a city that no one would ever describe as lacking in character and which serves either as a destination in its own right or a gateway to a larger trip.

Why Go

Caracas is not only the capital of Venezuela but is also the administrative, financial, commercial and cultural center of country.  It is a city where modern structures intermingle with world heritage sites and where concrete jungle tangled with beautiful parks and national reserves. Fast-paced, modern and cosmopolitan, the city has over four century’s old history buried beneath its various magnificent monuments and colonial buildings.  Caracas fizzes with energy at night where clubbers, bar-hoppers and salsa aficionados mingle with locals to be a part of famously die-hard parties. Do visit Parque Del Este which is one of the top Caracas attractions and is one of the largest in the city. Caracas is known for its cultural life and Los Galpones is one such place that showcases art galleries, book stores, theaters and wide variety of green areas along with delicious food to indulge will surely make you feel happy. To visit more such interesting sights and interesting places, plan your Caracas visit now by booking business class flights and enjoy a great cultural trip.

Best time to visit

Best time to travel to Caracas the capital of Venezuela is from December to April which is the dry season of country. With January and February are the coolest months and July and August are its hottest months.

How to Get There

Major closest airport to Caracas is Simón Bolívar International Airport of Maiquetia which is 29 Km from center of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Caracas is the bustling mega-city of Venezuela that offer lot of attractive sights to its visitors due to its world-class museums, bars, nightclubs, salsa avenues, shopping malls and prosperous suburbs which makes the city a lively place to be. Do visit National Art Gallery which is one of the top attractions of city that features one of the best and largest collection of art found anywhere in the country. La Plaza Boliver is one of the quintessential attractions of Caracas showcasing colonial style architecture, magnificent Simon Boliver Statue, personal objects and important documents. Go to Morrocoy National Park which is 3.5 hours drive from Caracas and is definitely worth the trip due to its crystal clear water, coral reefs, delicious sea food etc what else could you ask for?