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Useful information about Venezuela


Venezuela is a country situated on the northern coast of South America. It is an action-packed travel destination which offers astonishing array of landscapes and experiences to its visitors. Nowhere else you find such an amazing combination of Caribbean beaches, Andean peaks, abundance of wildlife, idyllic colonial towns, little-explored jungles and lush rainforests etc that you explore over here.

Reasons to Visit

Venezuela is where the Andes meet the Caribbean. It is a spectacular, extraordinary, lively and beautiful destination referred as “Land of Grace”. The diversity of this magnificent country doesn’t fit into just one category of travel as it is a land of staggering variety and is decked with wide array of options to cater taste and needs of even the most discrete travellers. It boasts 40 national parks where people can go to relax, hike, enjoy bird-watching and even try their hands at amateur wildlife photography. Canaima National Park is one of the largest parks hosts variety of flora and fauna. You just can’t afford to miss gorgeous Angel Falls, the world’s largest waterfall which is one and half times higher than New York’s Empire State Building and 15 times higher than Niagara Falls is worth exploring.

Best Time to Visit

Venezuela’s climate is tropical with wet and dry seasons rather than hot and cold. The drier season is from October to April is characterized by fine and clear days with little rain. It is a good time to get an escape from northern winters. The wetter season is from June to September but is still has plenty of sun and is not very wet. It is the season of abundance as landscapes are lush and green and waters falls are full with fresh water make them even more spectacular.

Major Airports

  • Simón Bolívar International Airport of Maiquetia
  • La Chinita International Airport
  • Santiago Mariño Caribbean International Airport
  • José Tadeo Monagas International Airport
  • Josefa Camejo International Airport

Popular Tourist Attractions

The country situated on the northern coast of South America has some of the most exotic tourist attractions. World’s highest waterfall Angel Falls and second longest river in South America, the Orinoco River is located over here. Do visit Caracas, the bustling capital city that offers a good range of museums, excellent restaurants and buzzing nightlife. If you want to see lots of wildlife and sights of rural Venezuela, then there is no better place than Los Llanos. Beach lovers just can’t afford to miss Margarita Island which is also known as “Pearl of the Caribbean” due to its beautiful beaches, duty-free shopping and sparkling nightlife. Don’t miss a visit to Isla de Margarita, a top destination for beach lovers with 151 miles of coastline featuring everything from pristine secluded beaches to bustling water sports.

Festivals and Events

Holidays and events in the country, like most in Latin America follow a calendar marked by Catholic holidays and cycles of sun. Some major festivals and events include Paradura del Niño, Feria del Sol, Mardi Gras, Los Tambores de Barlovento, Velorio de la Cruz de Mayo, Virgin of El Carmen day, Fiesta de La Virgen de Coromoto, Virgen del Rosario, San Benito el Moro etc are few among many that you must enjoy.

Popular destinations in Venezuela