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Useful information about Kigali

Suburb of Kigali

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda a country situated in central and east Africa. Situated near the geographic centre of nation, it is the major economic, cultural and transport hub of country. It is a small yet attractive destination that offers amazing views over the intensively cultivated and terraced countryside. Thrashed badly during the civil war in 1994, it had undergone a long rehabilitation and it is now become a destination looking ahead to bright future rather than a dark past. It is now a modern metropolis, a heart of emerging Rwandan economy and pride of every citizen.

Why Go

Rwanda‘s capital straggles over several hills with city center on one hand and government and administrative quarters on the other is a great place to visit. The center of Kigali is bustling, colorful vibrant but clean and safe. Enjoy a city tour with a guide and a private vehicle and visit some of its beautiful sights and monuments that offer you glimpses of country’s great history. The tour will takes you to deeply moving and very well designed Gisozi Genocide Museum where you can watch several exhibits about Rwandan Genocide.  Watching mountain gorillas is one of the unique experiences. Take a hike through the rainforest in Volcano National Park which is absolutely stunning. Watching our closest relative is truly one-of-a kind experience for most of the visitors.  There are various craft shops in and around the city from where you can buy amazing stuff both traditional and modern.

Best Time to Visit

Situated in the heart of Africa, fractionally south of equator, high altitude of country provides it a remarkably pleasant tropical highland climate with plenty of rain. Country’s long and rainy season lasts from March to May followed by June to mid-September which is a long and dry season. It is generally the best time to visit Kigali. October to November is shorter rainy season and is followed by a short dry season from December to February. You can visit it either of dry season.

Popular Tourist Attractions

The city has various amazing sites to visit and things to explore. Genocide Memorial Center in Gisozi documents the history of 1994 genocide is the most popular tourist attraction of country. The Kimoronko Market, located in neighbourhood with the same name is the largest market that offers glimpses of daily life of country. The Presidential Palace Museum located 4 Km past the airport in Kanombe was the state house of former president. It displays Rwandan traditions and daily activities along with debris from airplane that was shot down in 1994. Enjoy an interesting walk that starts at Nyabugogo Bus Park, downhill from city center to get a good look of typical houses and shops and its less visited neighborhoods. Nyamirambo is a home to Muslim populations is easily the most vibrant neighborhood that offers great photo opportunities along with shops selling clothing and knick-knacks.

Festivals and Events

There are various spectacular festivals celebrated over here that attract hordes of people from all corners of the world. Catch glimpses of Ultimate Frisbee Tournament a tournament that has grown and welcomes teams from neighbouring countries as well. Jamafest-EAC Arts and cultural festival bring together a lot of different cultural activities such as dance, drama, poetry, theatre, short films etc. Besides these visitors can also enjoy Kigali Peace Marathon, Kigali Up, Diner en Blanc etc are also some of the few events celebrated with joy and enthusiasm.