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Business class flights tickets to Rwanda

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Rwanda Business class fares

Useful information about Rwanda

Rwanda is a landlocked country situated in Central Africa which is dearly known as “Land of Thousand Hills”. It is a lush land of green undulating landscapes, endless mountains and stunning scenery. Nowhere else in the world one could found mountains more majestic then the peaks of Virunga volcanoes located in far northwestern part of country. It is a home to one-third of world’s remaining Mountain Gorillas and Africa’s most amazing bird species. The land is often associated with the horrific events that unfolded in 1994 genocide during which more than 1,000,000 Tutsis were massacred by Hutus but now it has received an extraordinary progress and is developing into booming and safe countries that offer lots of tourism opportunities to its visitors. 

Why Go

Rwanda is no less than a paradise which offers many opportunities for travellers to experience challenges as well as to enjoy its abundance of natural beauty. Those who love adventure and outdoor, the place is no less than a dream destination for them. It offers them many opportunities to enjoy adventuros activities like hiking, trekking, wildlife spotting, climbing etc. One of the major reasons for which savvy travellers coming to this beautiful destination is its silverback mountain gorillas which is totally a profound and world’s most amazing wildlife encounters for them. Dubbed as the land of thousand hills, the country is also known for its breathtaking landscapes, extinct volcanoes, gushing rivers and cascading lakes which all contributed to make this tiny African nation so beautiful.

Best Time to Visit

Rwanda is located in the heart of Africa, fractionally south of the equator. Its relatively high altitude provides it a remarkably pleasant tropical highland climate with plenty of rain. If you are interested in gorilla trekking adventure then the best time to discover it is during the short dry season from mid-December to early February or in a long dry season from June to September. If you are more interested in chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe then visit is from mid-February to early June and mid-September to mid-December as the apes are easier to locate.

Major Airports

  • Kigali International Airport
  • Kamembe International Airport

Major Tourist Attractions

Rwanda has a magical aura around that you only experience when you explore it. It is a clean safe and friendly country to visit with plenty of amazing attractions. Don’t miss to see Volcanoes National Park which is very first national park to be created in Africa to protect mountain gorillas. Visitors besides gorilla trekking can explore numerous caves; enjoy bird watching and trekking at number of hiking trails in its majestic Virunga Mountains. Explore Nyungwe Forest National Park located in southwest which is an enormous tropical forest with a high canopy. It is a home to various species of butterflies, orchids, mammals and primates. Kigali is an attractive capital spreads over hundreds of hills is a great place to enjoy your holidays as it is a home to various museums, markets and attractions. Lake Malawi is the backbone of country. There are several lodges at its shore that offer various recreational activities like diving and snorkeling etc.

Festivals and Events

Most of the festivals celebrated in Rwanda are focused on its rich cultural heritage and its various art forms. Hillywood Film Festival has a message with it using the theatre as a vehicle of social change. The Centre X has something for every artistic taste. It has theme related to Arts and peace. Gorilla Naming Ceremony is an interesting festival held in the month of June is to choose the name of all new born gorillas. Held in the month of September Kigali Up Music Festival aims to bring together local artists from several different genres to make the country’s music industry stronger. Festival Arts Azimuts (FAZZ) which is held in October brings together dancers, musicians, theatre artists on a one big platform.

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