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Business class flights tickets to Tokyo

starts from £3631

The below mentioned displayed fares are based on historical data. The fares are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.

  • BA
    LON London Airports 11 Aug 2021
    TYO Tokyo 09 Sep 2021
  • JL
    LON London Airports 11 Aug 2021
    TYO Tokyo 09 Sep 2021

Useful information about Tokyo

Tokyo At the Hozomon gate

Tokyo, the bustling capital of Japan is the most populous metropolis in the world. It is a city of infinite quality which is always under construction. It represents a marvelous mix of modern living and ancient traditions which is overwhelming and overcrowded yet efficient. It thrills its every visitor with its magnetic charm and unlimited choices that you will surely experience when you explore it. The pace is as breathtaking as its attractions. No other place of such a size can work and manages to be this civil like this, which makes it an outstanding city in the world to visit and enjoy a great holiday trip. Take the advantage of getting the best deals on flights to Tokyo with prices starting from as little as £3630.

Why Go

Shopping for high-tech electronic goods, exploring the age-old traditions, to be a part of culturally rich festivals, feasting the most delectable cuisines and visiting the landmark and iconic attractions are few among many reasons that make Tokyo one of the most desired destinations to explore in the world. It is one of the most modern and efficient cities that still value its ancient traditions and customs which make it unique, amazing and superlative. Fashion, music, entertainment, job opportunities and subcultures thrive over here make it the most beautiful places on planet Earth. In terms of population, skyline and number of neon-lit streets, it is the ultimate “Big City” which is crowded and chaotic at times but seems thrilling and interesting on visiting. There is always something exciting going on, no matter where in the city you might be.

Best Time to Visit

When it comes to Tokyo, there is truly no bad time to visit. Different time periods give different experiences to its travellers. If some months are good for shopping then others are best for cultural events. It has four distinct seasons with very marked changes in temperature and weather. Autumn season, the months of April and May is the best time to explore this beautiful city.

Major Tourist Attractions

Tokyo is one of the hot spot international cities in the world which has everything from shopping to dining, museums to world class gardens and from magnificent architectural buildings to beautiful shrines makes it an incomparable travel destination. Visitors to this magnificent destination often feel a little overwhelmed and think to be here forever. Shibuya is one of the most famous shopping districts of even if you are not a shopaholic. It is the fashion district packed with modern boutiques, famous departmental stores and beautiful shops that compel you to buy something. Sensoji Temple is one of the major tourist attractions is a wonderful example of traditional Japanese Buddhist architecture. If you want to explore any museum then it must be Tokyo National Museum which is decked with thousands of rotating beautiful artifacts. Do enjoy a guided tour to Imperial Palace which is a home of Japanese Emperor and family.

Festivals and Events

Tokyo hosts many festivals throughout the year; some are religious while others are cultural. But rest assured you will never come across even a single dull moment over here. Do take part in various cultural events which include Cherry Blossom Viewing, The Meiji Shrine Spring Festival, The Great Japan Beer Festival, The Samba Carnival, Tokyo Games Show, The Emperor’s Birthday, New Year’s Day, Hozu-Gawa Boat Race etc are which surely acquaint you with rich cultural heritage of  this magnificent city.