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Business class flights tickets to Kochi

Useful information about Kochi


Cochin which is now known as Kochi is a vibrant city of Kerala situated on the south-west coast of Indian peninsula. It is one of the finest harbours on Arabian Sea coast and has been port of call for foreign traders from early times. During various spans of time Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese have left indelible marks on the history and development of it. The cosmopolitan character of this magnificent destination is well reflected in its buildings and structures and makes it a commercial hub of Kerala. It is a vibrant destination to visit which represents a beautiful amalgamation of historical places, old churches, beaches, backwaters and museums. So make a plan now and Grab best discounted deals on Business Class flights to Kochi with £1831 including all pre-payable taxes and charges.

Why Go

Kochi is a clean, green port city emerged as an important bustling trading center. It has been luring wanderers and traders for the past 600 years and the result is a blend of medieval, Portugal, Holland and Britisher legacies. It is a delightful place to visit where you can soak in great history and enjoy some of the finest heritage accommodations in India. Colonial architecture, Portuguese houses, 16th century synagogue, ancient mosques, Kochi is wonderfully serene, thick with the smell of past and flourish with the dreams of future.  The city is a series of peninsulas and islands caught between the lakes and rivers of its inland waterways and the Arabian Sea which makes it even more beautiful.

Best Time to Visit

Kochi experiences a moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year. Summers begins in March and extend till June while the winters begin in November and lasts through mid-February. Best season to visit it is October to March when the pleasant climate adds to the green surroundings.

Major Tourist Attractions

The city is a series of islands but it is Mattancherry Palace which has a quaint charm of its own. The credit of it goes to Dutch who captured the city during the pre- British period. Nearby Jew Town district with its synagogue, narrow streets and antique shops is another rewarding experience for its visitor. Even a casual stroll through Fort Kochi is enough to make you feel that you are in another world. The place was under the influences of Portuguese, Dutch and British at different point of time and thus has a strong influence of all of them. Stroll along the Fort Cochin’s magnificent beach and enjoy watching traditional Chinese Fishing nets scattered along the waterfront is truly a great experience for a wanderer. Enjoy an evening at Kathakali Dance Center to watch this stylish dance form of Kerala which portrays stories form Hindu mythology is truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Festivals and Events

If you really wish to know more about this port city but do not have the time then make sure to visit it during festival time to capture the real essence of this beautiful place. Some major festivals of the city are Diwali, Christmas, Cochin Carnival, Indira Gandhi Boat Race, Onam,Utsavam, Thalapoli etc.