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Afghanistan a landlocked sovereign state forming part of South Asia, Central Asia and to some extent Western Asia contains some incredible treasures. It has a history and culture that goes back to over 5000 years. Once in Afghanistan, then you feel there is something fascinating about its people and their history that surely compels you to visit this magnificent destination again and again .You’ll find it truly a rewarding destination to explore which is back on its feet after three decades of war and bloodshed.

Kabul, the dazzling capital which was once on a life -support is back on its feet now and today seems to change on almost daily basis. It sets a buzzing pace with new restaurants and markets cater to locals as well as visitors. The city seems to be changing on daily basis with new buildings, towers and bridges are mushrooming all over the city.

Though it takes time to fully restore but there is a scent of cosmopolitan self in the air. The country is full of dynamic cities and landmarks and visiting to them is truly a delightful experience for its visitors. Pay a visit to Mazar-E-Sharif the most sacred site of country explore the rich cultural heritage of Heart, enjoy a trip to Bamiyan Valley or the relaxing ambience of Band-I-Amir Lake, explore the pre historic site of Jam Minaret, or pass through Khyber Pass Road a legendry mountain pass in the whole world, Afghanistan is truly spectacular.

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