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Business class flights tickets to Taipei

Useful information about Taipei

gate of National Taipei

Taipei the capital city of Taiwan has grown as one of Asia’s most dynamic, comfortable and livable cities. It has managed to strike a fine balance between modern and ancient, business and beauty, chaos and conveniences. It serves as nation’s major center for politics, commerce, education and pop culture. In every sense it is a modern metropolis where colorful traditions and arts continue to thrive and paint daily life its people with beautiful colors. It is a place where festival, events and concerts are celebrated in full splendor and where nature lovers will surely appreciate its abundance of mountains, greenery urban parks and waterfronts. So why wait when we offer matchless deals with business class flights to Taipei starting from £ including all pre-payable taxes and charges, so that you can enjoy a wonderful holiday trip.

Why Go

Beautiful scenic sites, amazing man-made landmarks, great shopping opportunities and amazing culinary delights are some of the reasons that persuade visitors to explore this magnificent city. It can probably rival Hong Kong and Singapore when it comes to shopping for electronics, luxury goods and other items. For bargain hunters, Taiwan’s night markets are real treat. Don’t miss Chiang Kai-Shek memorial which is a landmark and is usually used to celebrate national events. No visit to Taipei is considered complete without visiting Longshan Temple where you can see the statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of compassion. Explore Ding Tai Fung that offers gourmet’s delight which is a tantalizing mix of Chinese and Japanese cuisines along with freshly prepared signature dishes.

Best Time to Visit

Late October to January is the best time to visit, Taipei when weather is comfortably cool and clear. Its high season includes February’s Lunar New Year as well as late spring and summer months, May through August.  The city virtually shuts down for nearly a week during Chinese New Year which usually falls in late January or early February.

Popular Tourist Attractions

On a holiday trip to this magnificent destination, see as many museums, temple, cultural attractions, markets as you can but there are few things that you just can’t afford to miss. If you miss them then you can’t really say you’ve seen this beautiful city. Taipei 101 is one of the most spectacular buildings in the world and is a pride of country. Enjoy shopping at Shihlin Night Market which is one of the largest markets of city. It is not only visited for its cheap stuff but also for scrumptious street food as well. Explore most beautiful natural spot the Botanical Garden which you surely love to trip again and again. Don’t miss Mengjia Longshan Temple which is one of the most beautiful and oldest Chinese temples known for its dragon poles, ancient Chinese poems and hundreds of beautiful sculptures which makes it even more worth visit.

Festivals And Events

Taipei has a jam packed calendar of events and festivals that give its visitors a taste of variety of Taiwanese culture. These festivals are rooted in thousands of years of customs and traditions that celebrate art, culture, drama, food and various other aspects of the city. Some not to be missed events and festivals of city include Huashan Living arts Festival, Kaohsiung Film Festival, Art Taipei, Chinese New Year, Pingxi International Sky Lantern Festival,International Beef, Noodles Soup Festival etc are few of them that surely leave you with a surprise and acquaint you with its rich cultural heritage.