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Khartoum Sudan

Sudan was the largest country in Africa and Arab world until 2011 but now South Sudan is separated into an independent country making it the third largest in African Continent. It is a land of golden pyramids, temples devoted to long-dead religions, a state where White Nile and Blue Nile just become one and where more than 100 languages are spoken. It is comparatively less visited but a compelling destination to explore due to its rich and varied cultural diversity and the most relaxed and friendly people in the world. Sprawling this magnificent destination makes up a whopping 8% of Africa and travelling through it is truly an eye-opening and rewarding experience for its visitors. So make a plan and explore country which is as geographically diverse as culturally. Enjoy best deals on return business class flights to Sudan starts from £ including all pre-payable taxes and charges and enjoy a great holiday trip which is full of adventure and thrill.

Reasons to Visit

One of the main reasons that attract guests to this amazing country is its people and their friendliness. They are genuinely warm, welcoming and always willing to help. They are curious and pleased to see outsiders. It boasts very rich historical background which is well represented in its archaeological remains of Northern Sudan. The pyramids of Meroe, the tomb of Mahdi in Omdurman, the spiritual center of Jebel Barkall are quite scenic and interesting historical sites to visit. Explore Port Sudan which is known for scuba diving as well as beautiful beaches. It also has its religious significance as well because tourists as well as large number of Muslim pilgrims en route to Hajj to Mecca use it as a departure point to cross the Red Sea in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Natural scenes of sea, glowing deserts, adventurous wildlife and great diversity especially the variety of ethnic groups offer plenty of reasons to its visitors to explore it.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to enjoy a holiday trip to Sudan is in winter and shoulder months from September to April. The temperatures in the country always remain hot and dry but the months of April to July are uncomfortably hot and this is also the wettest time of the year. Visitors may come across fierce dust storms from July to August and November to January and thus better to be avoided.

Major Airports

  • Khartoum International Airport
  • Port Sudan New International Airport
  • Major Tourist Attractions

    Sudan like many other African countries has its own pace and rhythm. It is decked with many places of interest and tourist attractions. Its natural attractions are quite attractive to behold. Explore Khartoum, the capital city decked with plenty of attractions. Explore the National Museum which contains antiquities and artifacts from several periods of Sudanese history and pre-history. Visit the Camel Market in the old capital of Omdurman where camels are offered for sale or barter. The coastline of Red Sea is one of the major attractions due to its crystal-clear water, coral reefs and marine gardens. If you love wildlife then you surely love to explore Dinder National Park which houses a wide variety of wild animals. Don’t miss a visit to Jebel Marra, a place which is renowned for its exceptional beauty, lovely resorts, beautiful waterfalls and moderate climate.

    Festivals and Events

    As an Islamic nation most of the events and festivals are centered on Islamic calendar. Besides this there are few non-Islamic events as well which tend to celebrate common cultures and joys of life. Some major festivals celebrated throughout the country include Mawlid an-Nabi, which celebrates the day the Prophet Mohammed was born. Sham Al Nassim the Spring Holiday which is held in the month of April takes place on very first Monday after the Christian Easter holiday. Apart from this Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and Sufi Holiya Festival etc are also celebrated with great enthusiasm.

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