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Business class flights tickets to Santiago

Useful information about Santiago

Cathedral of Santiago

Santiago, the capital of Chile is the fifth largest city in South America. It is the financial, political and cultural capital of country.  Santiago is a product of its natural setting that seems destined for growth. Sprawled across the fertile Santiago Valley and its dramatic setting between Andes and Pacific make it a perfect base for trekking, climbing, skiing, sunbathing and many more such exhilarating possibilities. The city may lack the hype of Rio and Buenos Aires but this spirited and effervescent city surely rewards its patient travellers.

Reasons to visit

Santiago may appear loud and dirty but it is splashed with color from its lively fish markets, colorful street art, colonial architecture and vibrant food scene that surely compel visitors to come here again and again. You‘ll find some of the best art by wandering cobbled streets of Santiago as the city has no shortage of ultra modern cultural centers. The best among them is found in Estacion Mapocho , Matucana 100 and underneath the Palacio de La Moneda. Cerro San Cristobal is an iconic park of city. Towering over the Chilean capital, this hill-hugging park is no less than a recreational oasis that offers breathtaking views of both city as well as Andean peaks. Reachable by metro, bus or a short taxi ride do visit Concha Toro which offers an informative and entertaining introduction to wine making in Chile and the taste of these wines will surely put you over the moon. So choose your reason as there are plenty and hold on some of the best deals on business class flights offered by us to enjoy one of the most memorable holiday trips of your life.

Best time to visit

Santiago sits close to the middle of Chile about 60 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. Peak tourist season to visit Santiago falls during its summer time from December to March. If you prefer quieter season then enjoy a visit in spring from September to December and in fall from March to May. For winter sport lovers, months from July to September can also be a great time to visit.How to Get There

The closest major airport to Santiago is Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport which is 19 Km from the center of Santiago.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Santiago has so many sights and activities worth seeing and doing and it’s hard to limit the recommendations. Visit on your own to this beautiful city and enjoy visiting La Moneda, the presidential palace.  Do visit Santiago’s hippest neighborhood Lastarria that really comes alive in the evening which is full of arty bars and cafes that ooze a calm coolness. Don’t miss a visit to Chile pre-Colombian Art Museum which is among the most impressive museums in the world. Don’t miss Plaza de Armas, the historic heart of Santiago which has all the makings of a tourist trap. It has local cheap food, authentic art stands, a soap box atmosphere and vibrant ambience which makes it a must see. The ideal position of Santiago makes it an ideal getaway between the Andean highlands and the Pacific Coast. There is no shortage of things and places in Santiago so be ready for your next trip to Santiago.